Designed by a Mum who gets it! Dressing your child shouldn't be hard.

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Features Include:
+ Pants with Zips for AFOs
+ PEG Access
+ Medical Port Access
+ Easy On/Off Zip Access
+ Nappy Access
+ Continence Pad Access
+ Super Soft Materials

Why was RareWear Created?

I welcomed my perfect 8½-pound (3.6kg) baby, Lloyd. His journey diverged at six months, unfolding a 2.5-year diagnosis journey, revealing a gene mutation that caused his 'IQsec2 Associated Disorder.' Now 6, Lloyd faces challenges - wheelchair, feeding tube, epilepsy, intellectual disability. Inspired to simplify my day, RareWear was born. Matching moments with his 3-year-old sister led to creating adaptive clothing, aiming to streamline and ease my daily routine. We're a brand dedicated to simplifying clothing for parents/carers of children with disabilities. Embrace inclusivity, comfort, and style with RareWear, where every stitch tells a story of resilience, love, and the extraordinary journey of parenthood and caregiving.

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