Coping With Chaos

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Unlocking Time to combat chaos: How RareWear Transforms January Hecticness into Moments of Ease

As a parent of two, January is always a challenging month for me. Lloyd, undergoes an intensive therapy block at Ocean Kids Health, a three-week journey filled with daily 3 hourly sessions dedicated to achieving crucial developmental milestones. Juggling this demanding schedule with the responsibilities of dropping off my daughter Elsie at daycare and managing the household requires a carefully orchestrated plan.

The Importance of Time:

In the midst of this whirlwind, one thing that has become my lifeline is RareWear – a revolutionary line of clothing designed with the busy parent in mind. These time-saving garments have not only streamlined our routine but have also played a crucial role in ensuring Lloyd's comfort and well-being during and after his therapy sessions.

Therapy Goals and Challenges:

Lloyd's therapy sessions are intense, focusing on crucial transitions and strength training. From mastering movements like going from laying to sitting, sitting to standing, to taking steps and utilizing his hands for gripping his walker, every moment counts. The sessions are physically demanding and can leave him sore and tired, making it imperative to minimize any discomfort during routine activities such as PEG feeding.

The RareWear Advantage:

RareWear's thoughtful designs have truly been a game-changer. The quick clothing options not only ensure Lloyd's comfort but also allow easy access for his PEG feeds. The adaptive features of RareWear garments mean that I no longer have to worry about lifting layers of clothing, searching for access points, or causing unnecessary discomfort for Lloyd.

Navigating January with Ease:

With Elsie attending daycare four days a week and Lloyd's therapy sessions requiring meticulous planning, RareWear has become an essential part of our routine. The time-saving aspect of these garments has allowed me to focus more on the well-being of my children and less on the logistics of dressing and undressing.

As a parent, especially during the demanding month of January, finding solutions that save time and enhance the comfort of my children is invaluable. RareWear has proven to be a rare gem in this journey, offering not just convenience but also a sense of ease and confidence. With RareWear, I can navigate the challenges of therapy blocks with a little more grace, ensuring that Lloyd's well-deserved comfort takes center stage in our busy lives.

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